DPR was formed in 2006 to develop image compression technology. After considerable discussion with clinicians and industry leaders, a more focused and all encompassing opportunity was conceived. DPR’s vision consisted of creating a technological solution to replace today’s manually intensive slice-by-slice analysis. DPR’s product, CaseReader™, automates manual steps within the current workflow process enabling the radiologist to speed through studies with improved results and report turnaround times.

Our concept is grounded in the TRIP (Transforming the Radiological Interpretation Process) Initiative which aims to spearhead research, education, and discovery of innovative solutions to address the problem of information and image data overload. The initiative fosters inter-disciplinary research on technological, environmental and human factors to better manage and exploit the massive amounts of data. TRIP focuses on the following basic objectives: improving the efficiency of interpretation of large data sets, improving the timeliness and effectiveness of communication, and decreasing medical errors. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to improve the quality and safety of patient care.

The result of this transformation will affect several key processes in radiology; including image interpretation; communication of imaging results; workflow and efficiency within the health care enterprise; diagnostic accuracy and a reduction in medical errors; and, ultimately, the overall quality of care. At DPR we know that for CaseReader™ to be successful and effective it must be a solution that is cost effective, revenue enhancing, while improving the quality of healthcare…and we believe we have the solution.