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Diagnostic Reports

Whenever a patient undergoes medical imaging there is a wealth of information that must be added to their case file. Complete and accurate diagnostic reports are essential for physicians to be able to make the best decisions about future patient care and to spot problems early so as to know when further examinations and investigations are needed. Diagnostic reports come from all areas of medical...

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Medical Speech-to-Text

Voice recognition software allows physicians to convert medical speech to text and even to give commands to prompt specific actions on a computer. The vast improvements in the ability of computer software to recognize speech have led to increased use in education and in the assistance of those with disabilities, allowing for more independence and better quality of life. Voice recognition software...

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Structured Radiology Reporting

Structured radiology reporting encompasses a variety of report generation techniques and data entry. Given the primary role that information technology will take part in the future of health care providing, the clear benefit of structured radiology reporting systems is evident. These systems can potentially lead to a rapid turnaround time of reports, a reduction of reporting costs, improved...

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Medical Transcriptions

Medical transcription is the art (and science) of capturing  physicians’ dictated words in a report accurately, an increasingly important task when considering the growth of electronic health records across all medical practices in recent years. The production of medical transcripts is a time-consuming task but accuracy in a patient’s history is paramount, especially when more medical...

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Volumetric Imaging

Volumetric imaging may be a staple concept in science fiction but this field of imaging, which first appeared in the early part of the twentieth century, is still in its infancy and is only just becoming accessible. Volumetric display systems were, for a long time, confined to use in a small number of academic research laboratories and corporate facilities, and by some military scientists....

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