Intelligent Workflow…with Structured Reporting

CaseReader™ is an all software solution that advances how radiology image data is organized, managed, analyzed and reported. It is comprised of two core technologies: the Patient Information Protocol (PIP) and the Active Report (AR).  CaseReader™ gives Radiologists “The Gift of Time” while improving diagnostic confidence by reducing errors in the diagnostic report by 50% and decreasing report cycle time by 45%.  CaseReader™ is fully integrated with the viewing application, sits on the PACS server or in the cloud where it is integrated with the diagnostic images and accessed in real time as the radiologist selects a study from the queue. CaseReader™ is embedded with M*Modal Fluency speech recognition technology resulting in a platform that fully integrates the 2D viewer, the speech recognition software and the report generation process.


Patient Information Protocol (PIP) – is a powerful tool that addresses inefficiencies in the clinical radiology workflow allowing more time per case to be focused on the patient, the imaging data and the diagnostic report. The PIP includes two tabs, one for Clinical information that is captured from decentralized sources (RIS, HIS, PACS and other sources) in a seamless and organized way and the second tab for Procedure initiated information entered during the scanning process by the technologist.  This protocol delivers system and human generated information that is available to the radiologist when commencing the study. In addition PIP provides referring physician contact info, digitized copy of any intake reports, details on how the procedure was conducted, dose amount and active links to prior studies.


Active Report (AR) – is an automated, structured and customizable diagnostic report that maximizes reimbursement levels through the use of structured templates tied to ICD/CPT codes. This ensures that all required anatomy specific impressions are completed and properly notated in the report. CaseReader’s proprietary technology enables key images with “smart links” to be embedded into the report during the study, which take the user back to the image location in the study for quicker response time to questions. These images and measurements go directly into the report ensuring that results are clearly communicated to referring physicians and patients. The final report is completed, reviewed, approved, and distributed immediately following completion of the study via traditional channels.


CaseReader™ Delivers!

  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Increased Revenue
  • Higher Profits
  • Assists With Meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 Requirements
  • A Superior Diagnostic Report