Message from the CEO

At DPR, we are committed to helping radiologists manage the significant increase in workload as our general population continues to age. The number of MRIs, CT and PET CT scans is estimated to rise over 400% over the next few years adding tremendous pressure on radiologists who are working with an outdated workflow.

Many of the systems that radiologists utilize to render an opinion do not deliver the level of interoperability necessary to handle today’s current workloads. With the number of image slices quadrupling and reimbursements dropping, the turnaround time for a report remains stagnant and an important bellwether – job satisfaction – is decreasing.

Many very successful companies are working on answers to these issues and so are we at DPR! We have joined forces with leading PACS, RIS and Voice Recognition Companies in the industry to develop a fully integrated and closed loop structured reporting solution. DPR does not put a band aid on these workflow issues but rather has rethought how information is presented, in what order it is utilized, and the requirement to embed key images.

Using customized templates and integrated voice recognition technology from our Business Partner M*Modal we have created the next generation reporting vehicle to help the radiologist lower costs, reduce the potential for errors and, while working in collaboration with the referring physician, save patients’ lives.

I encourage you to view the eight minute video on our website to see how CaseReader™ can help you tackle the challenges facing your practice today. Drop me a note to let me know how we may be of service to you. At DPR…we are always listening!


Steve Douglas, CEO